Stefano Paradiso - Photographer

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BIO- Stefano Paradiso is a photographer and director of photography born in Rome in 1969. Graduated from the R. Rossellini School of Cinematography and Photography in 1988, he works as a director of photography and camera operator in cinema and advertising, boasting numerous collaborations with well-known Italian directors, French and American; for television he has made documentaries and reportages in various countries of the world. A lover and scholar of photography in its broadest sense, he is inspired by great photographers such as Josef Koudelka, Luigi Ghirri, Japanese Nihonga pictorial art, Chinese Guóhuà, impressionism and obviously "le cinéma d’auteur". After living for many years in France, he returns to Italy in 2017 where he combines his work in the world of cinema with his personal photographic research which focuses on the use of black and white. He developed his darkroom technique working on the creation of large negatives and contact prints on various papers including Japanese Washi. He is an official member of Artdoc Photography Magazine and owns a Leica Monocrhome M Typ 242, a Leica M Typ 240 and a Leica M6 with vintage Summicron lenses that he never leaves behind. ART- “Never be afraid of the shadow ... it is there to mean that nearby, somewhere, there is a light that illuminates …” In this phrase by the American poet Ruth E. Renkel I find my inspiration. My personal research on mystery, the fascination of things, distant history starts from this inspiration. Black and white first of all allows me an instinctive, intimate and profound reading of a story. I carry out every print in my studio where the experimentation of mixed printing techniques between ancient and modern become an important part of my research.